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If you would like to quickly get in touch with me you are welcome to fill out the form below.
Depending on what adventure I'm currently taking part in, response could be up to a day.
Sometimes I'm miles away from any phone lines so use a satellite phone to download my messages.
Please keep your message to the point to save download times.

New Zealand Contact Details.
Fax Machine:    (+64)-9-579-7887
GSM Mobile:    (+64)-21-329-248 - Works in over 100 countries.
Postal Address:    Geoff Mackley.
Po Box 12926, Penrose.

United States Mobile Phone.
Mobile Phone:    (+1) 310-403-9603
Satellite Phones.
4.8kbps Voice:    ph 00 870 7623 97340 - USD$4 Per Minute.
64kbps Broadcast Voice:    ph 00 870 6001 32743 - USD$8 Per Minute.
To call my Nera World Communicator sat phone:

Dial the international prefix for the country you are in (normally 00) followed by 870 7623 97340.

The common ocean region access number 870 connects the call to the dialled World Communicator regardless of the ocean region the user is currently in.

If the net service provider does not support access number 870 call the ocean region directly:

871 - AOR-E (Atlantic Ocean Region East)
872 - POR (Pacific Ocean Region)
873 - IOR (Indian Ocean Region)
874 - AOR-W (Atlantic Ocean Region West)

To call my Iridium 9505 portable sat phone:
ph 00 8816 3144 7178

Dial the international prefix for the country you are in (normally 00) followed by 8816 3144 7178

To send me an SMS text message (free) go to and click on "send a satellite message"

or send an e-mail using the form above.